The hello SA Top Tourism Town Awards recognise towns that offer amazing experiences and are committed to encouraging and developing tourism in their region.

One of these very special awards is the People’s Choice Award… it gives YOU the chance to vote for your favourite South Australian town! View the awards submissions from each town below and cast your vote now! T&C’s apply.

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Surrounded by pristine beaches lined by rugged cliffs, the captivating coastal town of Ardrossan is a couple of hours’ drive from Adelaide on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula.

Come and discover the unique excitement of raking for blue swimmer crabs, spend a relaxing day on the beach, enjoy stunning views from the Jetty of the rich ochre cliffs, stroll along the clifftop walk, and visit the local winery or distillery to wet the whistle.

Ardrossan offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, fit for your family escape


Burra. A timeless haven where history whispers through the streets and across its outback landscape. A traveller’s paradise, where trails weave through the township, revealing secrets of its Cornish mining past.

Savour local flavours, marvel at heritage architecture, and embrace the warmth of community.

Uncover the harmony of old and new as modern venues breathe life into historical locations, offering a vibrant contrast that celebrates Burra’s enduring spirit.

Rest under a canopy of stars or cocoon yourself in a thoughtfully restored miner’s cottage. Find solace in the town’s embrace. Burra awaits.

Coober Pedy

Indisputably, Coober Pedy reigns as one of the world’s most extraordinary gems.

Hidden deep within the South Australian outback, its lunar-like terrain beckons explorers to a world of unparalleled adventure.

Delve into the underground wonders, where churches and homes lie carved into the earth, and uncover the riches of opal mining.

Experience the enchantment of a town that transcends time and space, offering a journey like no other. But tread lightly with all the holes in the floor.

Get ready to unearth the extraordinary in Coober Pedy—where every moment promises discovery and every step leads to wonder

Coffin Bay

Discover Coffin Bay, a gem on the southwestern edge of the Eyre Peninsula, perfect for the discerning traveller with an interest in exploring the natural environment whilst sampling the freshest, local produce from its pristine waters.

This tranquil haven promises a serene escape, featuring sheltered bays, empty white sand beaches, and the untouched coastal bushland rich with wildlife.

Taste the iconic Coffin Bay oyster, fresh from the water, and learn about the salt water ‘basket to plate’ process.

Enjoy relaxing beach walks, discover the hidden underwater world, and peaceful sailing across crystal-clear waters. Coffin Bay awaits to relax you.


Hawker, situated in the picturesque Flinders Ranges, epitomizes rugged outback beauty. This humble town boasts a big heart and a warm welcome for visitors.

Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the captivating Ikara Flinders Ranges NationalPark, Hawker serves as a gateway to outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re hiking through ancient gorges, exploring Aboriginal rock art sites, or stargazing under clear desert skies, Hawker offers an authentic outback experience.

Its laid-back atmosphere and rich cultural heritage makes it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. Hawker offers a peaceful retreat from city life and a draw card for international travel.

Langhorne Creek

Langhorne Creek is a dynamic habitat where flowing rivers and creeks reach into vital lake systems and the pristine Southern Ocean.

Home to the traditional Ngarrindjeri nation, Langhorne Creek is a thriving agricultural community of established families, progressive businesses and new generation artisans create highly rewarded wines, grow quality fruit for discerning producers, and nurture prized livestock and a range of sought-after farm produce.

We’re down-to-earth wine and food people closely connected to the landscape and the seasons.


Mintaro is the jewel in the crown of the Clare Valley South Australia. Remarkably well preserved and a rare example of an early colonial rural town and declared a State Heritage Area in 1984.

Mintaro continues to reflect and take pride by opening its doors to those who want world class epicurean experiences in an intimate setting.

Mintaro resembles the best of rustic Tuscany in summer and the lush green rolling hills of Ireland in winter. Yet you are in Australia as you travel around this small village and take in the massive gum tree lined streets, creeks and parks.

Port Lincoln

Welcome to Port Lincoln! Located on the southern tip of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, this vibrant coastal town is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and thriving seafood industry.

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, it’s a haven for aquatic enthusiasts offering world-class fishing, pristine beaches, and up-close encounters with dolphins and sea lions. For thrill seekers, this is one of the few places in the world that you can experience shark-cage diving!

The stunning natural beauty, diverse range of experiences, world-class seafood and friendly locals make Port Lincoln an unforgettable destination

Port Pirie

Port Pirie is a historic seaport town located 223kms north of Adelaide in South Australia. It is known for its rich history, with a range of museums, galleries, heritage walks, and cultural trails available to explore. The town offers stunning parks and gardens, cycling trails, and excellent shopping and dining experiences.

Port Pirie is the service centre of the Southern Flinders Ranges and is home to several notable heritage-listed buildings. With a strong community spirit, Port Pirie is rapidly emerging as a popular destination for travellers seeking to discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of South Australia


Located just six kilometres north of Adelaide’s CBD, City of Prospect is perfectly positioned for those eager to discover some of South Australia’s top tourist hotspots. With Prospect Road offering an array of dining and entertainment options, it’s an ideal home base. Plus, its proximity to major roads and public transport makes it easy to explore the very best of South Australia’s attractions.

Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor is somewhere you feel at the mention of its name, a place that stirs a profound personal connection and gently draws you in.

People visit to be immersed, to catch a glimpse of wildlife from shore, to relive childhood summers. What they feel — rejuvenation, adventure, reflection — forever connects them to this wondrously one-of-a-kind place where the hum of community meets the stillness of the sea.

Victor Harbor is the vibrant, creative heart of our Fleurieu, circulating the currents that course through our peninsula. This place is brimming with life and culture, inviting you to come and experience it for yourself.


Willunga might seem like a sleepy country town, but don’t be fooled – there’s so much to explore!

From mouth-watering food to refreshing beer and exquisite wineries, you’ll find everything you would ever need to have a memorable stay. And if you’re in the mood for some shopping, there’s a diverse range of unique gifts and art waiting for you to discover.

So why not come and experience the best of Willunga for yourself?